Amazon Basics 500-Watt Ceramic Small Space Personal Mini Heater – Pink

Are you tired of shivering in chilly spaces? Reviewing the Amazon Basics 500-Watt Ceramic Small Space Personal Mini Heater – this might be the compact heating companion you’ve been waiting for. But does it truly live up to its promise of portableness and heating the room up quickly? Let’s find out as we dive into this comprehensive review.

What is Amazon Basics Personal Mini Heater?

It’s a compact personal space heater ideal for small indoor spaces like on or under the desk. It’s available in Black, Blue, Pink and White.

Product Information & Specifications

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Brand Amazon Basics

Product Name Amazon Basics 500-Watt Ceramic Small Space Personal Mini Heater

Model DQ1722

Color Pink

Power Source Corded Electric

Heating Method Convection

Mounting Type Floor Mount

Burner Type Radiant

Operating Voltage 120 V AC 60 Hz

Power Consumption 500 W

Heat Output 750 W

Dimensions 5.87″D x 3.2″W x 6″H

Item Weight 1lb 6oz

Key Features

Portable Design

This personal heater is compact so it’s easy to transport. You can take it to your office or to your bedroom, anywhere indoor.

Personal Heater

It’s designed to be used for small spaces, where you want an extra bit of heat. It’s for an indoor use and ideal for enclosed area.

Tip-Over Protection

A built-in safety feature that will automatically shut off when the unit is tilted or tipped over.

Ceramic Coils

This unit utilizes a naturally-conducive ceramic element that heats up in seconds.

Testing It Out

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2:17 Testing

5:09 Pros & Cons

6:12 Conclusion

Pros & Cons

Tip-Over Protection

This safety feature is a nice one. If something happens, we know that the heater will turn off by itself.


It’s very compact and light. It will fit in most of the backpacks and will be easy to carry from places to places.

Heats up quickly

It was super quick to heat up a small enclosed room. Once it’s turned on, it really was a matter of seconds to start feeling warm.


Can’t adjust the temperature

There’s just an on and off switch and there’s no way to adjust the temperature. We wish that it had at least a couple of warmth levels to choose from.

Since we can’t control the warmth of the air coming out of the heater, there will be a constant turning on and off depending on how hot or cold you feel.

And that’s the only cons we could think of.

Recommend or Not Recommend

This AmazonBasics 500-Watt Ceramic Personal Mini Heater met our expectations. There were a few things we wished it had, but if you think about it, we are talking about a $20 heater. For its price, it’s definitely a good one to have in your cubicle or any small room to keep you warm. So, yes, we do recommend this mini heater.

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