Glass Oil Sprayer for Cooking from Amazon

Almost anyone uses a cooking oil spray.

Some people might not cook all the time, but even just to bake the ready-to-bake products like Cinnamon roll or cookies, a cooking oil spray is used.

But let’s not forget that the cooking oil spray in the aerosol cans have chemicals, preservatives, and possibly more harmful things.

So we thought that this glass oil sprayer from Amazon could be a good one to replace with.

There are so many oil sprayer for cooking on Amazon, and it could be overwhelming sometimes. So we just went for this one in yellow. There are the same looking ones in different colors sold by the private label sellers.

We did our inspection and would like to show you guys what we found.

What is the Glass Oil Sprayer for Cooking?

This sprayer is good to use all kinds of the edible oil and sauces as long as it’s not thick or high-density and doesn’t contain floating particles and things that could clog the nozzle.

Product Information

* Please note that we have no affiliation with the manufacturer or the seller, and we are not here to promote.

Brand FAKON (private label on

Product Name 240ml Glass Olive Oil Sprayer Mister, Olive Oil Spray Bottle, Kitchen

Gadgets Accessories for Air Fryer, Canola Oil Spritzer, Widely Used for

Salad Making, Baking, Frying, BBQ

Color Yellow

Capacity 8.1 fl oz/240 ml

Size 8.2 x 3.5 x 2.6 in

Material Food-grade glass and polyethylene (PE)

Style Dutch design

  • Glass reservoir
  • Top/nozzle
  • Oil label stickers
  • Instruction card and booklet
  • QR Code for YouTube instructions for trouble spraying oil mist
Our Purchase Info

We purchased this from Amazon for $16.99.

Key Features

Simple Structure

The cap can be twisted open, and simply squeeze the trigger.

Made of Safe Material

It’s BPA free and made of food-grade glass and PE.

Cautious Calorie

Each time you pull the trigger, exactly ¼ teaspoon of oil is supposed to be sprayed.

So depending on the kind of oil, ¼ teaspoon of canola oil, for example, will be 10 calories.

Testing It Out

Please check out our video.


0:00 Intro

0:49 Unboxing

1:57 Key Features

3:11 Testing the Oil Sprayer

5:35 Pros and Cons

6:43 Conclusion

Pros and Cons

Replacing the aerosol cans with the oil of your choice

What’s best about this oil sprayer is that you can stop buying those cooking oil sprays and choose the oil you like. There are no chemicals, and you can use whatever edible oil you like.

Easy to use

It was simple and easy to use. Just fill the oil in and spray.


Uneven coverage

We thought that the coverage was uneven. Each full stroke didn’t seem to be a precise amount. The mist scattered inconsistently. And the fan spray nozzle seemed to make the spray come out too wide. To us, since every stroke was unpredictable, it seemed hard to not make any mess.

Nozzle not adjustable

We wish that the nozzle was adjustable. Again, the mist was too widely spread, and it would have been really nice if you could adjust the degrees of the stream.

Recommend or Not Recommend

This product, at the end, did not meet our expectations. The uneven coverage was disappointing, and we feel like there are much better ones out there on amazon in the $17 range than this one. So, when it comes down to recommend or not recommend, we do not recommend this oil sprayer.

Thanks so much for checking out our blog and video!!

We will have more to come soon and please check out our other reviews!


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