Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner, Shampooer Machine, Lightweight (FH50710)

As part of our long-term review, we’ve picked our 2-year-old Hoover PowerDash Carpet Cleaner to be the first one to review.

Very used, yet in pretty good shape still.

At the time of purchase, it was $79.99 on sale at Walmart.

We have a large dog that sheds all the time, so we steam-clean regularly.

Specifications, Parts & Features

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Weight: 12.5 lbs

Heatforce power: to deliver even faster drying.

Powerful cleaning: for high traffic areas and small spaces.

Dual Tank System: easy to fill, empty and rinse.

Testing It Out

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4:55 Pros & Cons

7:03 Conclusion

Pros and Cons

Good Suction Power

For a small carpet cleaner, it does a really great job collecting lots of fur and debris and sucking the water out. We’ve had pet stains, milk spills and coffee stains before, and this cleaner took care of them every time. The suction still works very well, and we are incredibly pleased with it even after 2 years.

Compact and Lightweight

This carpet cleaner being so compact and lightweight really makes a difference. We’ve never had back aches for doing carpet-cleaning. Being able to move it around wherever you need to go definitely makes the tasks a lot easier.


Not easy to clean after use

Honestly speaking, after doing all the hard work of vacuuming, all we want to do is quickly rinse it out to get it done. So, we wanted to show you how we usually do, which was using the shower to rinse out the main component. But it doesn’t clean it out completely just by doing that because this area can’t get cleaned out. The problem is, to clean that, you would have to remove 6 screws from the underside, remove the belt cover and the brushroll. It is not easy to do and it’s pretty difficult to put back together, well, at least for us. Some carpet cleaners don’t even have that option to take things apart to completely clean the main component. So some people might like the fact that you can take the screws out to do that. And for some people, that’s not a difficult task at all. In our personal experience, we tend to get reluctant to do that process every time we use it.

Only 1 reservoir

This carpet cleaner only has 1 reservoir. As you’ve seen, there’s no separate reservoir for the solution; therefore, there’s no auto mix feature. There’s only one clean water tank, so you need to keep adding the solution yourself every time you run out of the water solution mix. On top of that, when we want to fill in just the water, we have to rinse the solution out.

Recommend or Not Recommend

Overall, even after 2 years of use, we are still very happy with this carpet cleaner. Yes, some parts are somewhat cheaply made, but we haven’t had any parts broken. It’s inexpensive as it’s less than $100. It is designed to use it for small spaces and rugs, and it really does an excellent job.

So, we recommend this Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner.

Thanks so much for checking out our blog and video!!

We will have more to come soon and please check out our other reviews!


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