RYOBI 18V ONE+ String Trimmer/Edger (Model P2008)

As part of our long-term review, we’ve picked our RYOBI 18V ONE+ String Trimmer/Edger that we have been using for 5 years.

Very used, yet in pretty good shape still.

We use this garden tool quite regularly.

Specifications, Parts & Features

* Please note that we have no affiliation with the manufacturer, and we are not here to promote.

Cutting Width: 11″ or 13″

Trimmer size: 0.080″

Weight: About 5 lbs without the battery

One of the RYOBI ONE+ System: compatible to use it with any of the RYOBI 18V batteries.

2-in-1: serves as both a string trimmer and an edger, allowing you to switch between these two functions quickly.

String Trimmer (the weed eater): ideal for cutting grass and weeds in hard-to-reach areas.

Edger: helps create clean lines along driveways, sidewalks, and flower beds.

Cutting Width: can be chosen between 11 inch or 13 inch. 11 inch allows you to focus on

narrower sections for precise trimming or edging, and 13 inch is to cover a larger area with each pass.

Auto-Feed Line Head: automatically advances the line every time you turn it on.

2-Speed Switch: you can choose High or Low.

Testing It Out

Please check out our video.


0:00 Intro

0:22 Product Introduction

0:47 Model P2008 vs P2080

1:19 Features

3:38 Testing

5:35 Pros & Cons

6:40 Conclusion

Pros and Cons


It’s been more than 5 years, and it hasn’t given us any issues. It’s very reliable, and it’s been our go-to tool.

Auto-Feed String Head

The Auto-Feed String Head is a game-changer. As long as there’s enough trimmer line inside, you really don’t have to do anything. It just automatically gives you the length you need. There’s no need to bump the trimmer head to release more line.

No gas fumes

Since you use the RYOBI battery, that makes it cordless and gas-less. You don’t have to be bothered by the gas fumes anymore.


Switching from trimmer to edger can be tricky

Stepping on the pedal to switch between 2 functions can be a little tricky. Something about the mechanism that doesn’t feel very smooth, and you almost have to twist your foot to transition. It’s nice that you don’t have to use a tool to switch back and forth, but we feel that stepping on it then turning is a bit tricky.

Recommend or Not Recommend

In conclusion, even after 5 years of use, we are still very happy with this string trimmer/edger. Even being used regularly, it’s still in good shape, and with a fully charged battery, we’ve never had the battery run out. It gets the work done almost effortlessly, and we are very happy with this product.

So, we recommend this RYOBI 18V ONE+ String Trimmer/Edger.

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We will have more to come soon and please check out our other reviews!


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